The Big Leak


Episode Description

Most of us enjoy fresh clean tap water 24/7, but few of us are aware of the problems facing our outdated water infrastructure networks that bring us that water and take away our waste and the billions of dollars that will be needed to fix these problems. The Brothers venture into this hidden underworld and investigate what can be done to fix our aging water networks.

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8 comments on “The Big Leak

  1. Thank you for that. Looks like waste management and water management should join forces on the annual garbage collection schedule guide by adding what to do with fats, wipes, dental floss, and other items that should not go down the drain. The items that are causing issues should also be labelled with proper disposal instructions on packaging with a why – the public costs. These products should also have an extra clean up fee that goes towards water management with an explanation for it on the label because I don’t know why someone like me who produces little garbage and is predominantly vegetarian has to pay for those who are oblivious. Advertising these issues shouldn’t be too expensive if added on an annual bases to the news (get all languages), classrooms, waste schedules, MP newsletters, labels, people care about costs and maintenance and would appreciate knowing this.

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