The Big Leak


Episode Description

Most of us enjoy fresh clean tap water 24/7, but few of us are aware of the problems facing our outdated water infrastructure networks that bring us that water and take away our waste and the billions of dollars that will be needed to fix these problems. The Brothers venture into this hidden underworld and investigate what can be done to fix our aging water networks.

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8 comments on “The Big Leak

  1. I agree with you that the public needs to be informed on what not to flush. The amount of time we spend cleaning out pumps and volutes is getting worse. The plumbing code should be updated to include some kind of screen in residence. This would help people realize what doesn’t belong in the toilet after they have to clean it a few times. Just a thought

  2. Dear Water Brothers,
    I was wondering what the real name for “The Big Leak” is. I try to resarch about it with the name “The Big Leak” ,but I cannot find any information.