Flying Rivers


Episode Description

In Sao Paulo, Brazil a record-breaking mega-drought has crippled the city and deforestation is thought to be one of the leading causes of the water shortages. The Brothers travel to the Amazon to bring home the powerful message of what happens to the water cycle when too many trees are removed, and meet with innovative farmers and indigenous communities who are trying to protect forests while maintaining high productivity and combating the growing threat of forest fires.

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13 comments on “Flying Rivers

  1. Been teaching Geography for quite some time and seen a lot of resources. This is a very engaging and interactive resource that gets students out of the textbook and into the real world. Thank you Water Brothers!
    Grade 7 teacher

  2. Hi guys,
    Why I can’t see a your video about my country?
    I received this error: “PLAYER_ERR_GEO_RESTRICTED” when I tried to watch the stream: “Flying Rivers”.
    What’s transparency?

    Fe Squa
    From São Paulo/Brasil

  3. Hello guys! Thank you very much for this documentary!

    All Brazilians should watch this documentary. Here in the country spent on the channel called TV School, but most people prefer Novels, Soccer and this is more interesting for the media open, because it gives more audience. This is our sad reality.

    In politics, people are more worried about not voting for the political party of the PT (Workers’ Party), which forget that the other option wants to end indigenous reservations and keep only the agriculture ministry and end the ministry of the environment and where the balance? Only agriculture and environmental responsibility matter? Where are we going to stop these people blinded by hatred? I did not vote for either candidate in the first round, but now I worry about voting for a candidate who does not worry about our greatest wealth.

    Sorry for my written English

    Everton Amaral
    From Brazil