Flying Rivers


Episode Description

In Sao Paulo, Brazil a record-breaking mega-drought has crippled the city and deforestation is thought to be one of the leading causes of the water shortages. The Brothers travel to the Amazon to bring home the powerful message of what happens to the water cycle when too many trees are removed, and meet with innovative farmers and indigenous communities who are trying to protect forests while maintaining high productivity and combating the growing threat of forest fires.

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13 comments on “Flying Rivers

  1. Hi
    I am professor at Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (BA,Brazil) in Department of Biology.
    I just watched “Flying Rivers” at TVEscola here in Brazil and it is a real good documentary. Unfortunately, I can not show this episode to my students because it is not allowed to Brazilians?!? Ops! Is there some way to overcome this undesirable problem?
    I am really greatful for any help

  2. Hey guys,
    I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve watched so far. Thanks.
    I am unable to get the video into full screen mode from this site on my Samsung. Just thought I’d let you know. Would be so much better if I could.

    Keep up the good work

      1. OMG! Are you the real Alex Mifflin!!?! YOU’RE MY HERO!!!! I’ve watched EVERY episode like 20 times! OMG this is my dream come true!!!!!1!! pls reply then I can tell my friends that I talked to Alex Mifflin!!!!!!!!!!!

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