Ocean of Energy

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The ocean is one of the largest, untapped sources of clean energy on the planet. Tidal and wave power are two of the most exciting marine renewable energy solutions that are already generating electricity right now. The Water Brothers get to the heart of this burgeoning industry by investigating the state-of-the-art technologies being deployed off the rugged coasts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Their search takes them back to Canada to the site of the world’s largest tides – in the Bay of Fundy – where they go rafting on massive tidal bores and discover the true potential of this Ocean of Energy.

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5 comments on “Ocean of Energy

  1. I love your videos! I am a 12 year old who lives in cambridge, On! I Feel like I know you guys just by watching all of your videos! I love youuu!

  2. I would like to show my Environmental Systems classes some of your videos, but I am not in Canada. How can I get copies of them?

  3. I represent two emerging technologies for water. I would like to connect with your team exploring runoff reduction for drain tiled Ag and wave energy conversion. These are both patented innovations from Michigan inventors showing great promise! Come to Michigan for a 2 for 1 trip. I love your specials on Pivot TV. We must meet soon to show you what’s home grown here in the freshwater state.

  4. Great video about nova Scotia Canada water usage for power off the coast of nova Scotia Canada special black rock off parsboro hope you guy will fellow the process of water for power