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Why is Quench important?

Quench promotes municipal tap water as a safe, reliable, and convenient source of drinking water. By encouraging users to carry reusable water bottles and use the app to find convenient sources of free water on a daily basis, plastic waste will be reduced by eliminating the wasteful consumption of single-use plastic water bottles.

Who can use Quench?

Quench is available for iPhones and iPads running iOS5+ and Android phones running OS 2.3+

Where can Quench be used?

Quench is primarily available for use in the Greater Toronto Area with 1800 Refill Locations and water fountains. However, users in other cities can add locations to the database either through the app itself or by registering as an Official Quench station, making the service available to other areas across Canada.

What is a Refill Location?

Refill locations are local businesses such as restaurants and retailers who are willing to provide free tap water to visitors carrying reusable bottles.

What is an Official Quench Station?

Official Quench Stations have an ‘Official’ badge on the location page within the app and will often have a Quench decal displayed on their storefront windows.

How do I become an Official Quench Station?

Community businesses such as restaurants, stores or cafes are an important part of how Quench works.  To sign up your business as an Official Quench Station, please email your business name, address, phone number, and photo to Quench@thewaterbrothers.ca

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