The Hosts


Alex Mifflin

Host / Writer / Co-Director /
Lead Researcher

Favourite Destination

The Arctic

Never leaves home without

His Bicycle, reusable coffee mug and water bottle.

The idea to embark on The Water Brothers project first arose in 2009, when Alex started working alongside his brother at SK Films, conducting research for IMAX ® films in development. After receiving a degree in International Development and Environmental Studies from Dalhousie, the decision to join the family business and begin the Water Brothers series was an easy one. The series has allowed him to combine his interest in science, the environment and film to explain how humans can harmonize our relationship with water and the natural world. When he isn’t working on the Water Brothers, he likes to spend his time reading, playing sports, scuba diving and hanging out with friends at the family’s Georgian Bay cottage.

Tyler Mifflin

Director / Host / Co-Producer /

Favourite Destination


Never leaves home without

Reusable water bottle, camera, and a harmonica.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia with a major in film production, Tyler is an award-winning videographer and director. Tyler got his start in film and television industry at a young age when he shot and starred in an episode of the YTV reality show Road Scholars. Since then, Tyler never travels without his camera and has filmed projects in over 25 countries around the world, from the top of mountains to the depths of our oceans, there is no place Tyler won’t venture in search of great water stories.

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