The Pure and The Poisoned


Episode Description

The Ganges is worshipped as a goddess, and many Hindus believe that this holy river cannot be polluted, yet it is one of the most dangerously contaminated rivers in the world. The Brothers meet the people who live with the extraordinary paradox of the Pure and the Poisoned – and they take their own holy dip in the Ganges with over 30 million people at the legendary Maha Kumbh Mela, the largest gathering of humans on earth.

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8 comments on “The Pure and The Poisoned

  1. This is a wonderful series to increase our awareness of the importance of water. It is interesting that you noted that the Ganges has unique and special powers such as elevated oxygen and 25 times the capacity to handle organic waste. This is most likely due to the sacredness of the river and the chanting/prayers that are carried out at the river.

    Water is a very special substance – not just H2O. It has memory and other special properties like light energy. Perhaps if we really get to understand more about the quantum physics of water we will be able to better remediate water. Chemical intervention is about the worst approach we can be taking. It would be interesting to have a program on the special properties of water.

  2. If your seriously trying to educate us on World and Canadian water issues you need to keep the episodes available to watch…. they are really great to watch with the kids. Love the series.

  3. Fantastic storyline! I hope you are able to broaden your message to other countries to drive change!

    My husband and I travelled the world for 18 months in 2012 and 2013 and were moved/appalled by our abuse of the planet – in particular, the pollution of our waterways and air (especially in China). I too, was compelled to do something. I volunteered for one our local river keeper movements, and am open to passing along the message to anyone I know. Crazy that we are poisioning ourselves.

    Thank you for making this interesting as well as informative! You should end your segments with a “what can you do” type note…..