Water in Space


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Most people associate NASA with exploring the vastness of space, but much of NASA’s research is directly related to water – both on and off our Blue Planet. The Water Brothers visit a NASA research centre to better understand how water is an essential component of every rocket launch and test out the water recovery system used on the International Space Station. Through interviews with astronaut Chris Hadfield, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and numerous renowned NASA scientists and engineers, the Water Brothers learn how space technology is advancing our understanding of water, both here on Earth and throughout the universe.

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2 comments on “Water in Space

  1. Hello guys, love your show! My name is Chad Billings and I am about to graduate from Gateway Community College with my AAS in Hydrologic Studies and Water Resource Technologies! I am located in Phoenix, Arizona. Right now I watch your shows on Pivot TV. I cannot get your videos to play on your website or TVO since I am not in Canada. Is there anywhere to play your videos online so I can show them to the rest of my school!? The topics you guys cover our so interesting and relevant! I am just about to start in the very important Water Industry and I’m excited to make a difference!

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