No Woman, No Water


Episode Description

Hundreds of millions of people live without access to clean water and billions live without a toilet, causing countless lives to be lost each day. It is women and girls that are usually given the difficult task of hauling water, taking many hours each day often in the hot sun and sacrificing much for their families and communities. The Brothers travel to Africa to the most water scarce regions of Tanzania and Kenya, to see first hand how simple water projects can make huge changes towards economic advancement – and how it is women who hold the key to improving clean water and sanitation access in their local communities. And the Brothers make an adventurous climb up Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, to help raise money for clean water and sanitation projects across East Africa.

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10 comments on “No Woman, No Water

  1. My earlier comment has no association to girls and women being better than men. That comment was not meant to offend anyone and if such has occurred, sorry for the inconvenience. The ulterior meaning of that comment was to say that women are being very underestimated in terms of their character. Women can CHANGE the world. Just because it might take longer than originally hoped for, it doesn’t mean it will not happen.

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