The Big Thaw

Episode Description

The North Pole is melting faster than ever. The Northwest Passage will soon be an international shipping lane. Change in the Arctic is happening at warp speed. With rising sea levels, the fate of the world depends on slowing the Big Thaw. The Water Brothers visit the Arctic to get the facts and find answers.

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3 comments on “The Big Thaw

  1. Hi
    My wife told me about your site and I have been watching your videos, well done. I’m a retired person and have been hoping for humans to stop being so negative and distructive to this wonderful free spaceship earth we are so privileged to occupy.
    Alas… its business as usual and so very much damage to earth so fast.
    40 + years ago I asked myself: if there is one cause for human relativity, what is it? My musing has amounted to a document posted on our family website entered above that answers the question and offers a once and for all fix. We must somehow talk about get out of the business as usual box
    If you think the document would start a conversation please share it with others.