Water in All the Wrong Places

Episode Description

California is naturally one of the driest places in North America, but how did it become the largest agricultural supplier on the continent? A mind boggling system of dams, reservoirs and diversion schemes move water around vast distances, even from outside the State. The Water Brothers reveal how climate change, drought, flooding and over-pumped aquifers have combined to put the entire water management system at risk. And like in many other regions with water in all the wrong places, the pressure is always on to find clever and sustainable solutions.

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4 comments on “Water in All the Wrong Places

  1. Great video! I love it however I advise you add subtitles so that people who don’t speak English or are deaf can still listen to your video.

  2. Alex & Tyler:

    Just read about your TV series initiative in the latest issue of Dal Magazine … seems we (Alex & I) are fellow alumni, though I precede you by a number of years. Can’t wait to start watching this… seems that you have all your episodes on-line, which is fantastic.

    Wishing you continued good luck,

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  3. Hello,

    Would it be possible to pay for a copy of this video? I think that its a great video and is a great educational tool for my students.

    Please let me know if I can purchase a copy.

    Thank you!
    Layci Gragnani